Unit 14: Regression Revisited

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Do Opposites Attract?

A July 9, 2003 New York Times science article reports on research that finds that, in fact, people look for mates who are similar to themselves.

You can read the article and decide what you think on your own (how would *you* design an experiment to test this?), but we're going to investigate this with another data set. These data consist of a random sample of 30 married couples in Britain in 1980. Do you think opposites attract? Look at the data, perform appropriate analyses, and write a couple of paragraphs telling us what you think.

Support your thoughts with appropriate summary statistics, graphs, and results from analyses. Include an inferential anaylsis: what, if anything, do you conclude about all married couples (in Britain in 1980)?

Please do NOT include output from a computer program. We're looking for you to tell us a story, not give us output that we have to interpret.

The data are available in Fathom (look for the file couples.ftm under Sample Documents, and then under Data in Depth). Or, you can download them here in a text, tab-delimited file (http://schematyc.stat.ucla.edu/unit_14/couples.txt). Or, you can enter Fathom, choose "Import from URL", and type in this URL: http://schematyc.stat.ucla.edu/unit_14/couples.txt

Write up a report of your findings, name it ms14mylastname and drop that file in the Drop Box!