Fathom Tutorials Index

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Fathom Tutorials Index

Bar Chart
Create a bar chart in Fathom. (Unit 6)

Binomial Distribution
Use the binomial distribution in Fathom. (Unit 7)

Box Plot
Create a box plot in Fathom. (Unit 1)

Chi-square Tests
Compute chi-square test in Fathom. (Unit 13)

Collect Measures
Collect measures from a collection in Fathom. (Unit 4 and Unit 9)

Compare Means
Comparing means of two groups in Fathom. (Unit 12)

Confidence Intervals
Use confidence intervals in Fathom. (Unit 10)

Data Table
Create a data table in Fathom. (Unit 1)

Dot Plot
Create a dot plot in Fathom. (Unit 1)

Enter Data
Enter specific data into Fathom. (Unit 1 and Unit 15)

Formula Editor
Use formula editor in Fathom. (Unit 3)

Filter (Graph)
Add a filter to a graph in Fathom. (Unit 3)

Filter (Summary Table)
Add a filter to summary table in Fathom. (Unit 3)

Filter (Test)
Add a filter to a test in Fathom. (Unit 12)

Goodness of Fit Tests
Compute goodness of fit test in Fathom. (Unit 13)

Create a graph in Fathom. (Unit 1)

Create a histogram in Fathom. (Unit 1)

Hypothesis Tests
Use hypothesis tests in Fathom. (Unit 11)

Least Squares Line
Add a least-squares line to a scatter plot in Fathom. (Unit 2 and Unit 3)

Movable Lines
Add a movable line to a graph in Fathom. (Unit 2)

New Attribute
Create a new attribute in Fathom. (Unit 6 and Unit 7)

Normal Distribution
Use the normal distribution in Fathom. (Unit 5)

Normal QQ Plot
Create a Normal QQ plot in Fathom. (Unit 5)

Plot Function
Plot a function on a graph in Fathom. (Unit 8 and Unit 9)

Plot Test Statistic Distribution
Plot test statistic distribution in Fathom. (Unit 11)

Plot Value
Plot a value on a graph in Fathom. (Unit 2)

Pooled Variances
Using pooled variances in Fathom. (Unit 12)

Residual Plot
Create a residual plot in Fathom. (Unit 2 and Unit 3)

Ribbon Chart
Create a ribbon chart in Fathom. (Unit 6)

Sample cases from a collection in Fathom. (Unit 4 and Unit 9)

Scatter Plot
Create a scatter plot in Fathom. (Unit 2 and Unit 3)

Scale Plot
Scale plot to density in Fathom. (Unit 9)

Using and creating a slider in Fathom. (Unit 8)

Slope Test
Conduct a slope test in Fathom. (Unit 14)

Summary Table
Create a summary table in Fathom. (Unit 1)

Test of Homogeneity
Compute test of homogeneity in Fathom. (Unit 13)

Test of Independence
Compute test of independence in Fathom. (Unit 13)

Transform Variables
Transform variables to improve a linear relationship in Fathom. (Unit 3)

Two Way Table
Create a two way table in Fathom. (Unit 6)

Make test output less verbose in Fathom. (Unit 11)