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SCHEMATYC is a course designed for two-year college statistics instructors who wish to deepen their content knowledge of statistics.  The SCHEMATYC project is a joint effort of the departments of statistics at the University of California, Los Angeles, and The Ohio State University.

The materials are free to the public and are intended to serve as an learning resource for two-year college instructors who wish to study introductory statistics. 

SCHEMATYC COURSE June 4-September 10, 2012

SCHEMATYCwill be offered through UCLA Extension for a 16-week course beginning June 4, 2012 and ending Sept 10, 2012. Participants who complete the course will receive 5 units of university credit. The cost is $505 if registration completed before May 4. After May 4, cost will be $550.  To register, please click on the Registration tab above 

This online course covers the essentials of introductory statistics at a level aimed at instructors, not students.  We assume instructors have a background in mathematics and/or a related field, and some explanations and material are aimed at those with experience in mathematics and sciences and so are not suitable for students.  The course was strongly inspired by the American Statistical Association's Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education, guidelines which are consistent with the Common Core statistics strand and with many four-year colleges and universities articulation agreements.

The online materials are intended to assist learners. They are not intended to replace a textbook but, instead, to augment a textbook.  Your instructor for the course will facilitate discussions and provide additional assignments that will help you teach this data-centric course at your own college.

Required Software Please purchase Fathom, which is the software we will use. Although this software is required, it is possible to use another statistical software package (but NOT a TI calculator), although we cannot provide instruction. The student edition (for about $40) is sufficient.

Required Text: Please purchase (or have on hand) one (only one!) of the following:
Agresti & Franklin, Statistics: The Art and Science of Learning from Data (2nd Edition)
De Veaux, Velleman, Bock: Intro  Stats (3rd Ed)
Gould & Ryan, Introductory Statistics: exploring the World Through Data

Peck & Devore, The Exploration & Analysis of Data

Utts & Heckard: Mind on Statistics

OpenIntro Statistics A free, open-source textbook project.
All of these books will support the material in this course. 

Optional Text: Freedman, Pisani & Purves: Statistics (4th Edition).  This is a fun book to read, although students find it quite a struggle. Still, for those with some exposure to the topic, it is quite entertaining and enlightening, but with some very difficult questions/problems!

Prerequisite: A bachelor's degree.  Participants should either be currently teaching a two-year college introductory statistics course or have taught one recently.

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Exploring Data
Unit 2: Two-Variable Relationships
Unit 3: More Two-Variable Relationships
Unit 4: Collecting Data
Unit 5: The Normal Distribution
Unit 6: Probability Essentials
Unit 7: Random Variables and their PDFs
Unit 8: Simulating Probabilities
Unit 9: Sampling Distributions
Unit 10: Confidence Intervals
Unit 11: Hypothesis Tests
Unit 12: Comparing Two Populations
Unit 13: Chi-square Tests
Unit 14: Regression Revisited
Unit 15: Experimental Design Revisited

Advisory Board

Robert Gould, UCLA Dept. of Statistics, Co-PI
Deb Rumsey, the Ohio State Dept. of Statistics, Co-PI
Glenn Miller, Borough of Manhattan College, CUNY, Advisor
Rakhee Patel, UCLA Dept of Statistics, ResearchAssistant/Developer
Myra Snell, Los Mendanos College, Advisor
Mary Sullivan, Rhode Island College, Advisor

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